Name:  Glory

Nickname: Lace

Age: 18

Skills: She currently only has the skills she learned in school however she has become a rather well known Dancer.

Appearance:  She has died her hair in a mixture of colors, ranging from pink, orange, yellow and blue. Her eyes usually have a violet tint do to the contacts that she wears and her garb consists of jeans and tank tops that are in no way modest.

Backround:  Glory is the third child out of four. She has two older sisters, Eva and Lynne, and a younger sister Addie. Her parents jointly owned a riding stable with her Aunt and Uncle which gave her and her sisters the chance to be close to her cousin Liz. When she was in school she rarely made friends with anyone and as she reached the age of 16 she decided one day just to leave and not return. To her there had to be something more then farm life. So she took off with very little to her name. She moved into a city where she wasn't known and began dancing with a small troupe of youth.

Despite how happy she was when she danced, especially after she met a fellow dancer named Mickael, she was still feeling wanderlust. Mika as she called him made her feel alive and the two of them decided to travel and make money dancing as much as they could. She loved him and he loved her. They'd made their way to Sydney when tragedy struck. While they were dancing, their first performance as husband and wife Mika fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. After sitting with him for a while she was informed that he was dying.

She wanted her family to meet him before that happened and soon began traveling with him back home, a week before she sighted her old home Mika said his good bye's and she buried him. She was now heading back simply to say goodbye... but this time her goodbye would be permanent. Without Mika she didn't want to live. She is prepared to hand the money that her and Mika made over to her family not wanting to leave them without something and knowing she won't need it where she plans to go.