Name: Montana Wembleton

Nickname: Ana

Affiliate: Agency (Major) / Lowjacker

Age: 27

Gender: Female

 Hair: Black hair that hangs just below the arch of her back in waves.

Eyes: Coal Black

 Height: 5'10

 Distinguishing marks: A half face plate of metal often covers a rather ugly scar that rests on her left cheek. If the scar is seen it looks like very bad burn marks. No one knows where they came from or anything about them. Those that see them often find themselves torn between asking about them or trying not to get sick.

Talents: Equipped with a com unit, voice activated stun gun, two inhibitor collars, two flash grenades, canister of mace and a molecular shifting suit she makes use of being in the Agency. She is quick and stealthy and the perfect spy for the moment.

Basic Personality:  Wise, witty and doesn't take anything from anyone. She has her secrets and she hides them well but when she makes a friend she is devoted to them and loyal.


         If asked Ana would not be able to tell anyone anything about most of her life, the most she remembers is suffering all forms of abuse from someone but who she's unable to say. The only other things she can say is from school records she was an average B and C student who went to school every day. Her first 'real' memory is of waking up in a hospital at the age of 19 from what she was told anyway, she had the scars and she had amnesia. The amnesia still has not left her but she has been able to join and train in the agency.

        However, unknown to the Agency she has also been working as a Lowjacker and she tries as often as possible to warn the people of Club Synergy before a raid. Unfortunately she isn't able to at all times and it's those times when she herself tries her best to keep at least the key people from being caught. Why she is playing both sides no one knows? She only feels that she is doing the right thing by trying to keep people out of danger.

 ( side note: will she be jeopardized when Selena finds out? LOL )